CH3CH2OH. Plastic Animals. Art

It all started when I got a toy yo-yo at Geek Night in the Strip. then I acquired a mini Slinky (tm). From there Gumby and Pokey, tiny plastic pigs, finally the collection got so I couldn't keep it in my coat pocket anymore. Spring would come and I'd have to stuff them in my pants pocket. Damned uncomfortable. So I'd stop carrying them until I broke out the winter wear when it got chilly again.

Collection got huge. Found them everywhere. Progressed to carrying cases, dragging the the little critters everywhere I travel. Denver, Dallas, Paradox, Boulder... it's a nice icebreaker. Non threatening. Some people think I'm completely whacked. Those are the people I don't really care to know anyhow, so it's a good filter for me.

I finally decided that this should be shared with the rest of the world. A digital camera, cocktails, and the rest will be history. Email me.